Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Journey Begins

Everyone eats Chinese food. Most people have a few things that they just can't live without, be it Kung Pao, Lo Mein, Orange Chicken, or Curry Shrimp. Most people also seem to only eat about 4 or 5 things from a Chinese Takeout menu. I like to think that I'm not one of those people because my list is more like 10 or 15. Regardless, I can never help but notice that I'm leaving about 95% of any given carryout menu out of the equation. Well, I have decided that the mysterious 95% of that menu has started to really intrigue me. I don't even know what half of the items are despite the fact that I eat Chinese relatively often. Well, I'm tired of this elusive part of the Chinese menu being such a mystery and I decided it was time to do something about it.

I hope that I'm not the only one who shares this immense curiosity as to what all these items are. This is why I've decided to create a blog, I imagine there are a fair bit of people who would love to know what all these items are, and if they are worth trying. Chances are a lot of them are pretty similar, a few vegetables stir fried with some breaded, deep fried, or sauteed meats. Regardless, I need to know. So this is where I begin. I have picked a favorite local Chinese Restaurant, Spring Garden, in Silver Spring, MD to be my location, and I will go through the entire menu. The rules are simple, I can never get the same item twice from here on out. I will photograph each dish in either a bowl or on a plate, and I will write a brief description about my thoughts as well as just a simple, unbiased description of what the dish is. I can go in any order I want, I just can't get a dish more than once, otherwise I'll never make it through. The menu has over 60 items, and currently I probably don't do carryout more than twice a month. I intend to start ordering at least once a week so I can keep adding content to the blog.

I imagine this alone won't create the world's most exciting blog, but I hope as I go along I will develop some ideas to make it a more exciting read. I hope you'll enjoy the ride and please feel free to comment with any suggestions or ideas.

Let the journey begin.

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  1. Great idea, Tim! Although I imagine committing to Chinese carryout once a week isn't going to help you get rid of Steven. :)