Sunday, May 30, 2010

F2. Imperial Twin

Well, this time I decided to jump right into the chef's specials portion of the menu with a regally named, Imperial Twin. I had a pretty good idea of what I had in store despite never having ordered this. Once again, I should really pick up a few chinese menus from various restaurants so I can see if things like Chef's Specials are more or less the same menu across the board. Anyway from the description I figured this would be some sort of stir fry and I was right.


-bamboo shoots
-snow peas
-button mushrooms
-baby corn
-water chestnut
-bok choy


Standard stir fry of all above ingredients. In a slightly sweet, savory beef broth or brown sauce. Served over rice. Shrimp and beef are both non-breaded and most likely pan fried.


Well, if you refer to my previous post, the ingredients in this dish are almost identical to that of the last, however I enjoy this one much more. While it is pretty standard, the brown sauce is less overwhelming than the sweet, tangy, sticky sauce from the Tai Chan Chicken. Obviously the meats are different and this might lead to why I feel less heavy after eating this one. No breading, which I tend to prefer. Nothing deep fried in this dish. I also really like the addition of bok choy. It's light, watery flavor kind of takes away from the heaviness as well. This is my first beef dish of the journey and I look forward to more. While the beef is your standard typical beef, it's very good for what it is, tender and quite lean. Sometimes this is just luck of the draw and you end up getting the end pieces of the cut that have more gristle but I guess I lucked out on this one. Overall, nothing to write home about on this one, but for what it is, it's pretty good.


As promised, I will post the full menu right after posting this one so I will be accepting requests or suggestions soon.

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