Wednesday, June 9, 2010

B11. Beef with Black Bean Sauce

This one was sort of a request from my sister. She asked that I get something with black bean sauce and so I did. I had never had the black bean sauce before, it was interesting. Almost a slight taco seasoning flavor to it, along with the beans. Another stir fried dish served over rice, BWBBS didn't disappoint.


-snow peas
- water chestnut
-black bean sauce
-bamboo shoots


Similar to most stir fries, the sauce is medium thickness with a slight bite to it. The bean element isn't really all that present but there is definitely something slightly different between this and a standard brown sauce.


Not great, not bad. Basically this dish is inoffensive but not terribly exciting either. I really do wonder about the origin of the black bean sauce, perhaps I should look into this for the next time I get a black bean sauce dish. But it almost just seems like they add a slight cayenne seasoning and a few black beans to the regular sauce and call it a day. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just doesn't add much. Regardless, it still tasted good. I am certainly starting to feel as though there are really only a few dishes on this menu but with tons and tons of variation. I'll have to really start trying to pick the ones that seem very different.

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