Wednesday, June 9, 2010

F19. Crispy Chicken (or Beef)

This trip was a double trip since I clearly have a long way to go before I make it through this menu. Katie and I decided to get chinese so I had some of hers to get through 2 dishes. So dish number 2 was Crispy Beef. I may go ahead and do Crispy Chicken later but I think, for the purposes of this blog/challenge I will be considering each menu number to be one dish, therefore, by getting Crispy Beef I have also fulfilled Crispy Chicken.


-green pepper
-sweet chili sauce


Consisting of primarily crunchy, slightly chewy beef, this dish is served with rice. The sauce is a thin sticky, slightly sweet, slightly spicy sauce that just barely coats the thin slices of crispy beef. the beef is very crunchy and has a nice bit of chewiness to it as well.


I find that there are 2 kinds of crispy beef people in this world, as well as 2 kinds of crispy beef restaurants. Some like it seriously crispy and chewy, while others prefer it to be more like a general tso's chicken consistency. Personally I like the kind that is actually crispy and I've only had this at 2 locations. Happy Uncle in Germantown, and Spring Garden. Despite consisting of almost nothing but these thin slices of spicy crunchy beef, this dish is really a great one. Personally I can't eat it for dinner without something else, but this usually works out because Katie and I will usually split it. They actually almost find a way to turn beef into a desert because sweet is definitely a strong element here. The crunchiness combined with the chewiness of the beef is incredibly addicting, as is the chili taste mixed with so much caramelized sugar that coats the beef strips.

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  1. I live right down the street from SG and have been eating it since 2000.
    Over the years they really have gotten better. They're only drawback is a awful kungpao chicken and poor wonton soup. I always loved the crispy beef but decided to switch it up one day to the Crispy chicken.....WOW! that shit is the best! It's like a thousand mini nuggets super crispy with a delicious dipping sauce built in. Love the blog!!! Keep up the good work! :)